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Our goal is to make life easier for homeowners and the volunteers that run their communities. Statistically, over 50% of the population lives in a community association – homeowners association, condominium or townhome association – and we know that the success of that association depends upon the choice of the management company. We know the frustrations of a volunteer board of directors that needs to rely upon their management company to manage the day to day affairs of the community.

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We understand the difficulty in reaching a live person on the phone when a homeowner has a problem. Responding to requests in a timely fashion and leaving homeowners with a sense of security that their concerns are being addressed is one of our most important functions. We must also provide accurate and timely information for the Board of Directors so that decisions can be made comfortably and promptly. Our associations depend on us for their short term issues and for the reporting that will give them the tools to make informed, long term decisions for their neighbors.

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General Information

Managing Agents



Kara Cermak


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Kimberly Sutherland

Click here for Kimberly

Deborah Warda 

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Assistant Managing Agents


Alyssa Gurke 

Christine Kott

Alen Yousif

Sal Plascencia - Village on the Lake On-Site
Jordan Yousif - Executive

On-Site Agents


Kelsey Elgas, Village on the Lake On-Site Manager

Kevin Brooks, Rob Roy

Carole Engstrom, Windhaven


Accounting Staff


Kara Cermak

Aaron Kropp, Accounts Receivable

Cindy McKenzie, Accounts Payable

Alen Yousif, Closing Coordinator

Brenda Barsic, Accounts


Office Coordinator


Christine Kott