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A message from the Rowell Family: 
Our communications are designed to provide information, clearly indicate what you may do to respond, what remedy may be required and sometimes, what we may or may not be able to do in response to a request. We may not always agree with one another; however, we want you to know that each of us at Rowell believes that respect starts in the community and in neighborly behavior towards one another. It is always our intent to communicate respectfully.  We can all work towards weighing the true gravity of a situation, as individuals, and remembering what true emergencies are, and when true tragedy exists.  We stress this approach with each of the communities that we work with, and we believe that balanced approach is the way to better-run, happier communities for all of us.  We must remember to listen to one another, because that's truly where understanding and respect begins.

Paid assessment letters, refinance letters, condo questionnaires and association documents may be ordered by clicking HERE.

 Rowell Incorporated is a management company that specializes in condominium management, townhome management and homeowner association management in the Chicagoland area.  We offer highly professional and personalized service - a boutique firm right in your neighborhood - one that cares about our industry and the communities that we manage to build long-term relationships with our clients.  Our management team consists of Certified Managers of Community Associations and our company is an Accredited Association Management Company as recognized by the Community Associations Insititute (CAI), and we are only one of five firms in Illinois with the AAMC distinction.  Please visit "About our Company" and learn about our incredible team.  Far from the traditional property management company, we specialize in the needs of community associations and support that effort locally, and nationally, through CAI and ACTHA.  The President of our company was a member of the Association of Professional Community Manager's Board for Community Associations Institute for two years and is a member of the Faculty, teaching courses towards the designations within the community association industry.  She is a member of the National Nominating Committee for the CAI Board of Trustees and is currently Chair of a panel that is looking into the future of management in community associations for CAI's National Team.  Visit our website and learn more about us.

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